E-notes and other online learning to help you better understand some of the issues that might affect your branch or your members, and help you decide what actions you should take.

  • Find out about the Apprenticeship Levy, how it affects employers, and what that means for your members, in Introduction to Apprenticeships
  • Learn about dyslexia and how you can support members who have the condition in Dyslexia Awareness
  • Discover what the new GDPR regulations mean for UNISON, and for you as an activist, in Data Protection and the GDPR

We'll be adding more, so keep checking back!

A video for UNISON stewards who may find themselves representing members over video conference or other online platforms. It covers ACAS guidance and key considerations in what to do before, during and after a hearing online.

The PowerPoint slides used in the video can be downloaded separately.

A quick activity introducing the concept of workplace mapping for UNISON stewards, health and safety reps, and learning reps.

Resources from UNISON introducing the basics of TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment))

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A pathway for UNISON stewards, health and safety reps, learning reps and others who want to help people in their workplace who are going through the menopause.

You can work through as many or as few of these activities as you like, at your own pace. You can use the tick box at the end of each activity to record which ones you have completed.

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A collection of online learning resources for UNISON members and activists exploring issues around climate change, the environment, and what trade unionists can do.

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This heading includes various resources to help UNISON activists understand their responsibilities under the General Data Protection Requirement (GDPR).

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This mirrors all the information in the GDPR and data protection e-note. It finishes with a quiz. Completing this quiz with a score of at least 4 out of 5 will earn you a badge demonstrating that you have undertaken this module.

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An e-note for anyone who would like to learn more about supporting colleagues with dyslexia.

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A pathway for UNISON learning reps and others who want to help people in their workplace who don't have English as a first language improve their language skills. English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) learning is an opportunity to recruit and can provide an opening to organise around workplace issues.

  • Find out how the Middlesex University UNISON branch made ESOL learning happen for outsourced cleaners at the university
  • Discover the benefits of ESOL learning and how to argue the business case for it
  • Learn practical tips for supporting workers as they undertake ESOL learning

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This e-note will introduce you to apprenticeships, provide you with some essential information about UNISON's approach to apprenticeships, give you some ideas about how to support apprentices, and help signpost you to additional resources.

It explains the requirements of the new Apprenticeship Levy and how this affects employers where UNISON organises.

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