With over a million members, UNISON is big. Find your way around your union with our U in UNISON e-note. This activity includes a downloadable workbook that you can fill in as you go, building your own picture of how you fit into UNISON.

This course explores the different causes of stress, some of the signs and symptoms, and techniques for managing stress.

UNISON is committed to developing the skills we all need to fully participate in work, the union and society itself. English, ICT and, above all, maths.

These quick session activities have been designed to make the learning around maths relevant, more enjoyable and accessible. We need to be able to undersand our pay slips, work out the cost of a loan, and calculate how much we need to save every month towards Christmas or a big holiday.

Each session would be a quick activity, from a word search on 15 money related terms, a crossword, an ABC money quiz and checking and calculating your payslip.

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These activities have been designed to help UNISON members facing change at work.

If you are re-applying for your current jobs due to restructuring, facing redeployment or redundancy, or want to start a new career path, these three resources will help equip you with the skills and confidence to progress in your career.

The activities focus around employability skills. For example, activities on how to complete an application form, how to write a CV, an application letter and also support on how to plan and perform at interview.

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This pathway gathers together a selection of fun, free, online resources to help you improve your maths.

You can work through as many or as few of these activities as you like, at your own pace. You can use the tick box at the end of each activity to record which ones you have completed.

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This is a ten minute recording of a webinar (online seminar) on stress management presented by Learning and Organising Services. It talks about:

  • symptoms and effects of stress
  • different kinds of stress
  • ways of dealing with stress
  • stress as a workplace issue

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This is aimed at staff working in schools who may be requested to support pupils with medical conditions. The module also looks at Law changes in 2014 and the new guidance produced by UNISON for members. The e-note should take between 10 and 15 minutes to complete.

Your Skills, Your Future is a short online course open to all members.

This online module is based on a one day course which may be running near you. Please email learningandorganising@unison.co.uk if you are interested in attending.